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This is the course you need when you find that your phone has been recharging more than you.

Create a self-care practice that works for you…

Nurture your intuitive soul with the Natural Intuitive Course

Unlock a Proven Path to Nurturing Your Intuitive Soul & Thrive in Your Day-to-Day

Engaging practices for your holistic well-being.

Learn to take care of your mind, body & soul in a way that allows you to show up in relationships with a full cup. (The GOOD kind of selfish).

Personal Paced Learning

Allowing you to personally tailor the speed and length of your learning time.
Busy schedule or a specific learning style? No problem!
All lessons in this course are delivered in video format.

Normally: $295

Sales Price: $87 😍

Want to go from survival to revival?

Rediscover smart, doable self-care strategies that really work for YOU.
Feel empowered and connected with your own intuition that combine evidence-based theory AND heart-centred activities.

Are you an intellectualizer who's ready for well-deserved “me time”?  Need a break from worrying about how you'll problem-solve the next life challenge and how you should “do more” for self-care ?

You’ve probably heard that self-care is a "marathon" and not a sprint, but:

→ Do you have a deep rooted desire to bring your unique gifts into the world in new ways?
→ Are you easily affected by other people’s emotions and get burned out?
→ Do you heavily rely on the rational mind to process feelings and make decisions?

→ Do you have trouble setting boundaries for yourself?

If you are saying "OMG YES" while reading these questions, then it's time for you to join my sanity-saving
Nurturing Your Intuitive Soul course.

Here's What Other Women Are Saying:


Nurturing your Intuitive Soul is a fun and engaging course that is easy to follow 😊.

It will have you feeling uplifted as you complete each module and help you become more aware of your intuition and how to integrate it into your daily life.
The daily exercises are straightforward to follow and don’t require a lot of time commitment. You will be motivated to continue exploring the subject matter long after completing this course! 💥

- Leilani Deveau, Founder of Leilani Handmade | Artist | Mother


This course is for YOU 👋 if you struggle with taking on everyone else's feelings. Maybe you are always giving but feel your well is empty? This course teaches smart, doable self-care strategies that really work! As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, I will not only be doing the tools myself but recommending it to my clients! ❤️

- Sharon Fisher, Psychiatric NP | Founder of Nurtured Well, LLC


Thanks for creating this course, it’s absolutely wonderful. It just helps us sensitive folks relate and open up. I was super impressed!

- Joanne Sherwood, Energy Facilitator | Professional Singer | Intuitive Empath


Nurturing Your Intuitive Soul Course

After going through the course, you’ll build confidence through personal discovery. Through a behind-the-scenes view, you'll be provided an alternative road map: a toolkit to navigate your inner genius.

Imagine how great it will feel, knowing you can confidently make informed decisions that reflect your deep rooted values at the soul-level without over-relying on professionals, therapists, friends or family for validation? Learn to trust your gut.

Nurture Your Intuitive Soul Course


Learn How Burned Out People Are Empowering themselves by Elevating Their Self-Care Game

Explore ways to swap burning out for the fire within.  Prioritize the changes you want to make and rebuild your emotional well without struggling to figure it out all by yourself!


You're going to love this mini course:

Find your power with Nurturing Your Intuitive Soul

Intuitive Power

This module is FAST (only 7 minutes) and at the end of it you will learn:

How to identify your inner empath and how your intuitive superpowers guide you on this life journey through those “in between spaces”.


Intuitive Nature Connection

How to be a forest fairy. In all seriousness, this is where science bridges with heart-centred content to explain the mental health benefits of nature. If you DO NOT want to go into chronic burnout as an empath, therapist, people-facing professional or "Type A" personality, this module is a LIFESAVER.

Find confidence in your personal discovery journey with Natural Intuitive

Intuitive Writing

How to STOP your “monkey mind” from taking over and flow RIGHT THROUGH this easy-to-follow module filled with powerful prompts and stress-reduction protocols. This is about connecting to your authentic self and getting everything out on paper.


Intuitive Tarot: A Jungian Perspective

How to tap into your internal navigation system with guided exercises that will spur your creativity. This is where intuition gets turned ALL. The. Way. Up!

(heads up: this is not divination)


Intuitive Values

How to assess your current work and life values and how they change overtime. This section is deeply meaningful but also a BREEZE (only 6 minutes).


Intuitive Rituals

How to integrate positive upliftment into your daily life with tons of ritual examples. As a creative empath "on steroids", this has been my transformative bridge between intention and action.


Bonus I: The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist

Bonus II: Seasonal Rituals (x 4!)

Bonus III: Tarot Guide 101:
A Jungian Perspective

Bonus IV: Intuitive Soundscapes
Mixed Tape

Bonus V: Values Exploration Cheat Sheet

Bonus VI: Intuitive Empath Quiz

Bonus VII: Intuitive Career Exploration: 7 Easy Steps Cheat Sheet

 Ready to return to your gifts of intuition, now?

And just who is your guide?

Me! I'm Laura Cohen.

Registered Counselling Therapist, Intuitive Empath, Nature-Informed Therapy Certified, Workplace Psychology Expert, Burnout Prevention Counsellor, Graphic Artist, and Tarot Aficionado.

For the past seven years, I've been supporting women and men in navigating burnout. Despite the perception that I have it all together, many of my clients are surprised to learn that as a licensed therapist, I've faced my own challenges with burnout and a disconnection from my authentic self.

About 3 years ago, I set out to learn how to do self-care well. I had a MASSIVE block about feeling selfish. You see, I'm a HUGE introvert, intuitive and empath - a trifecta of sensitivity. I had a story in my mind that sensitive people can't ever feel OK despite self-care because their energy gets zapped around people all the time. So what was the point?

So I sought the advice of mentors. Who said, lovingly, “Laura, how can you show up as your authentic self and support those around you if you aren't recharged and taking care of yourself?"

🎤 drop.


So I set out to grow my confidence by taking better care of myself. Was it smooth sailing?  I self-judged. There were nay-sayers. I also struggled with finding a balance. I thought I had to do more to feel better.

But I didn't let that stop me. You see, around the same time I knew that if I continued working the same job in a not-so-ideal work environment and continuously putting others first (including my business), without tending to my own emotional, psychological, & physical needs, I would be doomed to chronic burnout. I just needed to find the courage to put myself first which actually meant doing less and being still, reconnecting with nature, and simply allowing for my creative and spiritual outlets to foster.

It also meant that running my own business was one of the greatest courses in personal growth. I LOVE working for myself with a capital L. At times it can be euphoric - having the creative freedom to do what I love and reap the rewards of my own hard work. But, it can also be anxiety provoking, to say the least.

Being mindful of my time, energy and how I scheduled stuff was HUGE. I no longer had the luxury of a regular salary so I knew I needed to figure this out. As a new entrepreneur, my business, my relationships, and my sanity now depended on it.

At the beginning of 2022, I set out with a single goal. To find a way to have a healthier relationship with self-care as a Highly Sensitive Person.


So I really sat down and thought, "Okay, I have to figure this out, not only for myself, but for most of my clients who also feel the same way".

Prioritizing my own well-being took concerted effort. Being a Highly Sensitive Person and therapist, means having A LOT of self-care strategies. And when I found the secret sauce, I realized tuning into my intuition was SO KEY to self-care.

This course? Are the simple and best tools I developed in my arsenal of life.

"This course is a great resource for self-reflection, and provides sustainable tools for self-care that can help manage life’s big and small changes!"

- Alex Cherry (Culture, Events & People Manager)


How do I know if this course will be a good investment for my overall well-being?

Are you struggling with finding time to self-care? Do you feel disconnected from nature, your own intuition, or others? Are you wasting hours sitting in front of a TV screen or scrolling without feeling restored?

This is a GREAT reset button and fantastic investment in yourself.

What's your happiness promise?

I am confident that if you implement everything taught inside the course, you will see significant results. AND, of course, you must do the work.

I offer a money back guarantee up to 21 days from the time of purchase so long as you: watch all the videos, download the templates, and try the strategies. If you do the work and implement the systems and feel that the course did not help you do self-care well, kindly email me at and I'll refund your purchase.

Can you highlight the main platform you'll be hosting this on?

Sure Thing!
Thinkific (no tech skills required).

When does Nurturing Your Intuitive Soul Start?

Right away. As soon as your payment clears, you will be able to log in and access all of the modules immediately (at your sweet pace).

What if I have other questions?

Email me directly: or message me on Instagram @thenaturalintuitive.

I’ve been practising self-care my whole life. Will this course help me?

Absolutely. Whether you're a seasoned intuitive or new to the concept of self-care, this course offers valuable insights. It provides an opportunity for both refinement of existing strategies and rediscovery of those neglected (but favourite) things that made you feel good. Joining can serve as a reconnection to your forgotten ways of being and a source of accountability for those of you busy bees.

I've bought courses before and they were so long and boring. How much time will this take?

I can totally relate! It's such a yucky feeling to purchase something and then realize it comes with a massive time commitment.

The entire duration of this course is just 1.5 hours—total! This leaves you with ample time to apply your newfound knowledge and dive into the material right away!

Does this include hands-on coaching?

My goal is to keep it as affordable as possible, which means 1-on-1 coaching isn’t included.
If you are looking for some additional support, you can book a free 15-minute phone consult (below) and then decide if you'd like a full session.